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  • Cleaner, Greener & Healthier ™ - your carpets Deep cleaned & dry within 1-hour!

  • upholstery dry-cleaning methodology with built in Disinfect & Deodorize treatment!
  • We safely handle and clean... from your everyday rugs, to your finest quality Orientals and Always... Free Pickup & Delivery!
  • 'Hardwood, Tile and Linoleum flooring.... Clean, Buff & Clear Coat!
  • Got Pet Stains (or odors)... We got solutions!

What We Do…

We offer top skilled services in Carpet & Upholstery cleaning, protecting and repairing, as well as all your flooring needs. Our process is a 'dry-cleaning' process which assures that your carpets are completely dry in about 30-60 minutes! We offer our unique 'circular extraction' methodology which is the latest and most effective in carpet cleaning technology. Our Patent pending formula contains 3 separate Citrus Based Solutions that contain commercial strength degreasers, carpet brighteners, emulsifiers and solvents that react quickly so we can safely and easily remove even the toughest stains that our technicians will encounter on your carpets and area rugs!

Carpet Dry-Tech also offers our unique '1-year maintenance program' of re-cleanings for only $15 per room/area!

Check out ‘Our Services’ Tab above to read about all of our Elite services Carpet Dry-Tech offers such as; Oriental & Area Rug cleaning & repairing (always free pickup and delivery!), vehicle carpet & upholstery cleaning, Tile & Hardwood Clean, Buff & Clear Coat, Carpet Protection, Upholstery protection, Specialty Stain Removals (i.e. dye stains, water, colored, fingernail polish, rust, coffee, tea, etc.), Pet Stain and Odor removals, Air Duct cleaning and Disinfecting, Upholstery and Room Enzyme Disinfecting and Deodorizing, Carpet Stretching, repairs & installation! We also offer home & business full room dyeing, Oriental rug color restoration and/or over-dyeing, as well as bleach spot color repair services!

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Safe, effective & Non Toxic
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