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Realtor Special Pricing

We currently have hundreds of realtor clients including multiple branches of Re/Max, Caldwell Banker,  Century21, Exit  Reality and  Austin Brokers…and many more.  Because of our unique  and expert  stain removal process,  we have helped  save hundreds of sellers  from paying expensive carpet allowances in the sale of their homes!  This pricing is strictly for Realtors that are actually paying for the service themselves.  These homes must be completely empty(from furniture & debris) and vacant .

(Carpets will be totally dry within 1 hour!)

Realtor ‘Empty house’ specials:

(includes complete vacuuming, (General) cleaning and most *stain removals of all carpeted areas for up to two levels only,  including all closets, baths & 1 set of stairs):

*,**1-bedroom house/townhouse/apartment/condo –  $  99.00
*,**2-bedroom house/townhouse/apartment/condo – $159.00
*,**3-bedroom house/townhouse/apartment/condo – $189.00
*,**4-bedroom house/townhouse/apartment/condo – $219.00
*,**5-bedroom house/townhouse/apartment/condo – $289.00


* Includes all stains that will come out with our Pre-Spotter cleaner and General Cleaner.  Dwellings must be completely empty (no boxes or furniture).  Any stains that will not remove with these cleaners are considered ‘Specialty Stains’ and will require Specialty solutions and additional removal charges (optional). (i.e. such as, but not limited to: Pet stains and/or odors, red dye stains, deep soiled areas, glue, gum, marker, crayon, rust and water stains, paint stains, some make-up stains, etc.)

** Note that all customers (residential & commercial) are charged a $5 Fuel Charge each and every visit


We also offer daily services of carpet installs, repairs, patches and Power Stretching, as well as Hardwood/Tile floor Clean, Buff & Clear Coat!

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule your cleaning, please Contact Us or call us at 678.368.5991 !



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